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web services

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web services
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Ten years ago I was just a regular web surfer. Today, I am deep internet diver, who have experience in a lot of IoT segments.

I am founder of Web Studio which provide Web & Mobile App development using latest technologies.

My main skills are growing websites, apps organically, with very little budget or no budget. I like finding new growth hacks, and that is one of reason I started building (web automation tool).

I consider myself as full stack marketer, since I am using various channels, methods, tools to achieve results and growth. It's a cliche, but here is some of things I am good at:

Spent many years in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), both on & off site. Keywords research, analyzing competitors, finding Link opportunities, Social Media Advertising & Content Promotion, Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking & Optimization, and any sort of Internet Marketing.

Blockchain, Ethereum, ICO is something I dived few years ago. Now I am playing, experimenting with my team on different kind of Dapps (decentralized apps), Smart Contracts, Tokens and ICO’s.

I am also good with design, UI/UX, but I do not design for others. Mostly doing it for own projects and use that skills as team leader.

Recent acquisition of UX Store