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Material Design for Kivy framework | KivyMD is a set of widgets compatible with the Google's Material Design specification created by us for use in the Kivy cross-platform UI framework.

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The KivyMD project, through the Kivy framework, aims to provide tools for creating desktop and mobile applications in Python in the Material Design style by Google.

Our goals

We all love Python and the Kivy framework and want to build our applications using these tools. However, we must keep up with the times and support current trends in the world of application development. Material Design by Google is one of these trends. And we are working to ensure that developers using Kivy in their applications have access to all the modern tools that are available, for example, in React Native and Flutter.

In plan

To date, the KivyMD library provides widgets in the style of Material Design, which is typical only for applications on Android platform. There are no graphical widgets for the iOS platform. The plans adding to the KivyMD library the feature, depending on the platform (without changing the target code), to display the corresponding graphical widgets for each of the two platforms (Android/iOS). In addition, not all Material Design features are implemented in the library.

This is the list that contains all ideas (implemented and not implemented) about KivyMD. Please create issues with feature description if you really need it.

Why funding

Despite the fact that the Kivy community showed great interest in the KivyMD library, we were not able to attract a sufficient number of participants for the development of the project. Currently, only one person is an active developer of the KivyMD library. Due to the fact that the number of KivyMD users is increasing by 1000 people every week, we cannot devote enough time to development, fixing project errors and user support, because we do not have people who could work with us to improve the library.

The time allotted for the development of the KivyMD project is 14 hours a week. This is not enough for the development of the library, but we cannot allocate more time, since we are working on other projects to earn a living.

Therefore, we ask the community to help finance the KivyMD project so that we can hire additional programmers to develop the library and further transfer the core developer of the project to a full time.

Our team


Let’s get the ball rolling!

News from KivyMD

Updates on our activities and progress.

Progress bars

Published on July 11, 2020 by Juri Ivanov

Hot reload

Try using a hot reload widget to create your own beautiful interfaceHotReloadViewer...
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Published on May 4, 2020 by Juri Ivanov

Data tables

Long-awaited Google tables are now available for testing -
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Published on April 21, 2020 by Juri Ivanov


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Login Page fuction using KivyMD

Published on May 1, 2022 by tanzo

I have created a login page with kivyMD and I want to add a function in my program by which only the people with correct email and password will be able to login to the page else I will show error page.

Hello Guys!! Any ideas?

Published on August 15, 2021 by bumarket

Hey guys!! Is it kivyMD planning to update their features? Like use html &css in kivy? for better look and feel 🤔 KivyMD need to improve features of interface.

Collections App!

Published on December 17, 2020 by pymike00

Hello! I have just become a backer of the project for 15 $ a month! Thanks for the awesome work you are doing!!! I read I can also download the Collections App but I don't understand how? I have downloaded the AppImage from GitHub, which ru...