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Michigan Python has been archived.

Michigan Python has been archived and is no longer active.

Michigan Python

An open-source Python developer group based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan



Michigan Python is hosting the following events.

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Michigan Python is all of us

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We are an open community whose mission is to connect people who love writing Python code. Everyone is welcome to join the group and contribute to our mission.

At a Michigan Python event, you can expect to discuss:

  • the Python Language—new versions, advanced techniques, Pypy, CPython, IPython, Cython, etc.
  • Web Development—Django, Flask,Pyramid, Requests, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence—machine learning, neural networks, TensorFlow, etc.
  • IoT—Raspberry Pi, Arduino, maker culture, etc.
  • plus anything else Python-related!

This group is still in early stages of development. More information will be released soon. To contribute to the mission, donate here or join the community on Slack:

Thank you!

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