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ML Launchpad 1.0.0 available!

We have just released ML Launchpad version 1.0.0. This being the first major release, we had this version in the works for a long time -- thoroughly tested, tweaked, ...
Published on June 8, 2020 by Andreas Schuderer

Sneak peek into upcoming version 1.0.0

If you already want to try out what version 1.0.0 has in store for you, you can now try out 1.0.0 release candidate 1, which is now available on PyPi:pip install --pre --upgrade mllaunchpadOr replace the reference to mllaunchpad...
Published on April 29, 2020 by Andreas Schuderer

Changes ahead! Upcoming release 1.0.0.

We just released version 0.1.2, which contains a fix for using
Published on April 24, 2020 by Andreas Schuderer


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ML Launchpad is a fledgeling open source project under a commercial-friendly license (Apache 2.0).

It is also a Python package which makes it easy to deploy a Python or R machine learning system as a RESTful API (or Azure function, or ...).

We want to bridge the gap between the awesome and powerful open source technologies that are available, particularly on Python, and using these technologies in a production or production-like environment as an API, all with purely open source components.

The reason why this is needed is that the people who create great machine learning (ML) algorithms are not always great full-stack developers, and vice versa. Python makes it very easy to create a simple web API, and even easier to create a bad web API. We strive to implement API and data connectivity best practices in ML Launchpad, providing an abstraction layer between the ML model and the harsh and unforgiving world of Web API development, so that data scientists can develop their machine learning solution with more confidence.

The ML Launchpad Collective exists as a public place of accountability, to be able to track expenses, and, first and foremost, to be able reward our GitHub contributors for their hard work with some cool stickers! ;)

So if you'd like to contribute, there's now one more way to do it. As always, we are grateful for reported bugs or asked questions over at our GitHub repository, any issues picked up, improvements of the documentation, and so on. But if GitHub is not your thing and you still want to give back, you can now provide a donation here, and we will make sure that it will reach our contributors in the form of perks and merch and, funds permitting, we can reimburse them for expenses like travelling to developers conferences to spread the word about ML Launchpad!