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Mycelium Network

A mutual aid network focused on meeting the needs of its members.


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We aim to collect 3600 euro to fund the facilitation and development of the initial test phase.


Mycelium Network is hosting the following events.

Past event
08:00 PM-09:00 PM UTC
Past event
12:00 PM-01:30 PM UTC
In-Real-Life Workshop in Lisbon activating the Mycelium Network.

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Mycelium Network is a mutual aid network focused on meeting the needs of its members.

You can think of it as an infinite multiplayer game, with a shared goal of meeting as many needs as possible.

The purpose of the Mycelium Network is to accelerate the transition towards regenerative economy through developing a tool moving away from fiat currency, towards other currencies such as resources and knowledge, based on gifting rather than transaction.

To get there, we are hosting workshops where our facilitators guide the participants through the process of radical clarification and effective communication of the individual need. The clearer the need, the easier it is for the network to meet it.

We invite you to read our whitepaper for more information.

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