Open Collective
Open Collective

Funraising Pilot Phase (6 months)


We aim to collect 3600 euro to fund the facilitation and development of the initial test phase.


After prototyping IRL Mycelium Activation workshops at the Traditional Dream Factory and Gathering of the Tribes 2022, we are ready to deploy the prototype of the network to the first users.

We are aiming to funraise €3600 to cover the costs of facilitation and development of an initial test phase of 6 months. Anyone who provides more than 111 euro can join the network and join all events in this pilot phase, and become a founding member.

In this pilot phase we will run a monthly event to share our individual needs and activate the mycelium network. We will test and finetune the event format, to increase the amount of fun and number of needs successfully fulfilled. In the background we will work on building the infrastructure to facilitate the network and foster a regenerative culture of gift economy.

After 6 months we will evaluate, with the founding members and relevant stakeholders, to decide if and how we continue the development of the network. 

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