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Nerves is a new way of programming embedded systems using the enjoyable and productive Elixir programming language on the battle-hardened Erlang VM.

We've been working on Nerves on and off since 2013. Much has happened: Elixir took off, devices started shipping with Nerves, and the tooling has improved immensely from the beginning. While some of the core team now enjoys corporate support, much work is still done on the side.

We've joined open collective to help support development and marketing efforts to push Nerves forward. As a supporter, your contributions will support our hardware and server needs to ensure that the core team has adequate test devices and our regression test farm is representative of our user's systems. Assuming sufficient contributions, we're looking to fund a technical writer to improve documentation and possibly fund some of the features that have significant interest, but as of yet, no corporate sponsor or volunteer to implement.

Thanks for helping us get there!


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