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GRP7 - GRP20 Training Programme


Enhancing exisitng skills and bringing in new skills to match the needs identified in the community.


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A training program to cover:
  • Governance training
  • Change & Evaluation training
  • Digital Collaboration training
  • Economic practice training
  • Facilitation training
Delivered by the MVA team in collaboration with other facilitators by the beginning of October 2022.
With particular attention to Permaculture CoLab’s needs as identified through the Permaculture Design work carried out in 2021, also by surveying the current active landscape and anticipating what is emergent in the ecosystem.
Please note that from 2024 the MVA Project also encompasses the Re-evaluation Counselling Scholarship Fund Project. 

1. Deliver a training programe for the CoLab which is self-elective.
2. Create associated artifacts and recordings from training to enable CoLab members to take the training on an adhoc basis.
3. Promote the existing OMBRA course open for CoLab members.
4. Fill the allocated scholarship slots for the RC trio of courses according to standard rates. Re-evaluation counseling / liberation from oppression, using RC tools for co-creation/conflict navigation scholarship slots 20; 10 for Reclaiming discharge – openings limited. 

Aimee Fenech, Jyo Maan, Andrew Langford, Vida Ashmole
Reporting Officer: Jyo Maan 

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