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OPEN 2020 - Networked Commons Initiatives

An online event to discuss how to enable small groups to form, share ideas, define shared purposes and collaborate on commons building projects, as part of a global network.

Thursday, June 11, 2020, 9:00 AM - Friday, June 12, 2020, 5:00 PM (UTC+00:00)
Created by: The Open Co-op


Through a series of carefully curated online presentations, discussions, breakout rooms and working sessions, over two days, OPEN 2020 explored:

How to enable small groups to form, share ideas, define shared purposes and collaborate on commons building projects, as part of a global network.

We hosted the event via open source tools, hosted by a platform co-op, and all funds will be used to support the event and further the development of The Open Co-op's collaborative projects.

Thanks to everyone that attended and contributed - the videos of the sessions will be online soon.

Please visit for more details of how you can get involved and collaborate to build a world in which people and planet come before profit.

Tickets are for the full event (no tickets available for individual sessions) and are non-refundable.

109 people going

Christina Bowen
Knowledge ecologist. Building dynamic maps aimed at coherent futures. Co-founding cooperator @ Team Earth, Socialroots, and The Digital Life Collective. Human @hiproj.
Crypto UBI
Zaul Ragal
Inez Aponte
Josef Davies-Coates
On a mission to empower people, build community, develop co-ops and create commons.
Lauren Nignon
Guilherme Tiezzi
Andres Villalobos
Yu-Chang Chang
Lorna Jackson
Kiki Ogawa
Gabriela Avram
Frank Cetera
Dounia Saeme
Joana Andrade
Guy James
Leo Crlík
Martin Dow
Bruno Chies
John Goodman
Brandon Dubé
connecter, convener, creator
Michael Whitson
Graham Mitchell
Mary Fee
Robin Taylor
Robert Yount
Alejandro Zagal
Kandice Holmes
Aaron Heart
Jakub Lanc
Philipp Grunewald
Guillem Cordoba
Thomas Cal
Philip Pawlett-Jackson
Jeff Clearwater
Petter Joelson
Civic tech organiser
Jonathan Bean
Stephanie Bolt
Stanley Pokras
Hannah Apricot Eckberg
ARIELLE Sullivan
Michael Steinrueck
Ben Stollery
Alex Sotosonrisas
Darryl Gaffney du Plooy
Harith Kamarul
DaYa Aureliano
Sue Bell
strategies for profound living
Bernardo Fernandes
Ferran Reyes
Alan Leigh
Mary Valiakas
Yasuaki Kudo
Dave Darby
Promoting systemic change - lifestyle change, non-corporate consumption, mutual credit and federation.
Emi Do
Nick Sellen
Matt Noyes
Geoff Turk
Renata Ballesteros
Michael Curtin
Caitlin welby
Robert Best
Sebastian I Jaramillo Riveri
Cecilie Smith-Christensen
Graham Brand
Jeff Lawhead
Jess Ann
Les Moore
Gregor michelob
Gemma Hose
Yabu Lurie
Seonaidh Macgregor
Cosmo Scharf
Sam Peters
Peter Staal
Wouter Tebbens
cooperative clouds, commons economy, IoT community networks, transition programmes
Susannah Browning
Solidarity Economy Association
A. Keala Young
Mothiur Rahman
Grace Rachmany
Harriette Brainard
Dave Ahlquist
Will Abramson
Billy Smith
Asli Telli Aydemir
Researcher and supporter of digital innovative action
Philip Sheldrake
Julie Collishaw
Dan Feldman
Friends Circle for Eden
Kemly Camacho
Dennis Luts
Jibé Bohuon
Conseil en mise en place de dynamiques de contribution | Conseil en Open Data scientifique
John Waters
David Newman
Robert Damashek
Jennifer Damashek
Diogo Jorge
Matthew Slater
Wes Hinckes
mr ethical


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