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Open Source Collective's First Community Call
Published on September 17, 2021 by Benjamin Nickolls

Thank you to everyone who joined the first Open Source Collective Community Call last night. For those of you who couldn't attend a recording is available for the next 30 days.

In this conversation we covered:
  • why we (Open Source Collective) want to build a strong, more community-centred fiscal host, and what we hope to achieve with these regular conversations, 
  • approaches to paying contributors,
  • defining maintenance and approaches to valuing non-code contributions,
  • building inclusive and diverse communities and,
  • increasing a contributor base and improving developer experience by pairing with new contributors.
Matt Wynne from Cucumber shared that he is looking for guidance on how to manage contributor payments. Ruth Cheesley from Mautic shared Mautic’s policy on paying contributors and details of Mautic's partner program, including how they level the entry requirements based on geography with the Big Mac Adjusted method.

Ruth also shared some information about which Mautic uses to better understand how members of the community are contributing outside of committing code.

I shared some information about these calls, about what I would like us to use these spaces for and hinted at a couple of issues I would like to address within these conversations. Some of which can be found in my notes. I also picked up on an interesting conversation that I had with Nickolas Zakas about their experience of paying contributors on ESLint. it makes for an interesting read and I love that their approach includes many types of contribution within the process. I am going to encourage Nicholas to be on the Sustain podcast (which is an excellent resource) to talk about their experience.

For me, this really was a great start to a process that I’d love to continue with maintainers of projects hosted by Open Source Collective.

Our next community call will take place on October 21st at 5pm UTC:

Register to attend on our events page.
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