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We select important developments that we like to see done in various open source projects and fund them through opencollective. We also pays for infrastructure & other services to make this work possible (hosting, support cost, etc)


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Support the following initiatives from oss-code-ge.

Add ability for Gitea (an OSS GitHub/GOGS/GitLab analogue) to Limit repository size https://githu...

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Development progress update

Hired developer has finally progressed and after fixing tests we are moving to developing following items (the actual limit works): Add ability to have the SizeLimit feature on or off in the config - A boolean parameterAdd ability to have a...
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Published on February 6, 2023 by Davit

Developer has been found and phase 1 milestone defined

We found a developer on to start on the work and created a phase 1 development milestone, that consists of items "TODO" and "TOFIX" from the request
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Published on January 10, 2023 by DmitryFrolovTri

Thank you for a generous donation!

We got 200$ from! Thank you guys!
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Published on December 27, 2022 by DmitryFrolovTri


We select important developments that we'd like to see done in various open source projects and fund them through Opencollective. The primary focus is Gitea and Opencollective applications as well as other opensource applications that would like to see some of their features developed. The money we collect we would use to pay developers to do selected features in the open source and free software projects to improve their functionality. We would add them as projects and help them to develop. We also could use a portion of money we collect to pay administrative and hosting costs for the collective 

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