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12 July, Member Meeting feat. impulse by Vanessa Müller, Project Coordinator Dirty Profits at Facing Finance e.V.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (UTC+01:00)


How do our members view outputs and outcomes throughout the collaboration with us/Proofing Future?
Proofing Future: Bridging People + Ideas claims to help members get their stories out and raise the connectivity of their capabilities, ultimately to increase their collaborative potentials. Yet, are we effective in this regard?
While our website ProofingFuture.EU and social media is a clear testimonial of outputs, it becomes only really meaningful once we explore and align on a common understanding of aspired outcomes, and to tracking them effectively.

We wish to evolve and improve along the needs of our members.
This meeting is an opportunity for further align our perceptions, and will include knowledgeshare with a special guest*

11:00-11:45am EDT
05:00-05:45pm CEST
09:00-09:45pm Dhaka

05min Check-in
05min Welcome and Impulse (3 slides), Sebastian
30min Open Discussion, incl Vanessa Müller
05min Check-out

In this meeting we have the opportunity to learn from Vanessa Müller, Project Coordinator of Dirty Profits at Facing Finance e.V.

Vanessa Müller is Project Coordinator of Dirty Profits at Facing Finance e.V., a non-profit headquartered in Berlin that takes a stand against corporate violations in the areas of environment and climate change, labour and human rights, corruption, and any use of weapons that are against international law.

Facing Finance researches and investigates the harmful social, environmental and economic impacts of the business behaviour of large global companies. Additionally, it investigates the financial relationships European financial institutions have with harmful multinational organisations. This information provides a basis to raise the awareness of German and European financial service providers, as well as politicians to the importance of binding environmental, social and governance regulations for financial institutions. 


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