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We communicate solutions & foster collaborations of doers for climate action, social justice & tech for good


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31 May: Explore paths to sustainable fuels with Dr. Michael Schulz & Greg Austic
Actively curated Networked Innovation Forum: on Best Practices for Climate Adaptation, Mitigation...
18 May, You can build synergies with intern. organizations that empower citizen initiatives.

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03:00 PM UTC
23 May, Member Meeting: Learn about the Cambiatus open source platform, empowering new organizati...Read more
02:00 PM UTC
26 May, Open event: Get to know Our Sci, their judgement free, open source tools for comparabilit...Read more
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03:00 PM UTC
19 May, Member Meeting: Learn to apply Valueflows, a vocabulary to describe flows of economic res...Read more

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To overcome disparities & to enable a just and peaceful coexistence for the growing world population within planetary boundaries, a pluralism of creative, solidarity-based & regenerative projects and forms of collaboration must be globally promoted, locally translated and sustained. Proofing Future succeeds through Bridging People + Ideas. This is what we do.

How we become effective:
We apply our platform & social skills to raise connectivity and uptake for our collaboration partners' tangible solutions.

Who we work with:
Sustainability impact driven organisations, collectives, cooperatives, project teams, companies and social entrepreneurs.


“Collaboration with Proofing Future: Bridging People + Ideas generated 10 pieces of in-depth content, each specific about every solution inside the DLT4EU Accelerator, and also about the different approaches and contributions to the companies in the DLT4EU Consortium. Those interviews provided us with quality content generated by an external provider, and visibility on other platforms,“ Anna Higueras, Ideas for Change

“Proofing Future: Bridging People + Ideas helps you to effectively identify who you should start collaborating with, because they glimpse win-win situations. Initiating new collaborations was the hardest thing we could delegate, until we learned about Proofing Future,” David Franquesa, USOdy

“We see Sebastian and Proofing Future: Bridging People + Ideas having an impact in the development of our project Greens For Good / Plant Protein Extractor. Sebastian helped with communication & outreach to build the first collaborative cluster around our project. It would be nice to collaboratively further develop this potential and use it in our other endeavors,” Tiberius Brastaviceanu, Sensorica 


Collective Mindset: The aim of Proofing Future is the creation of a collective mindset to enable leverage of synergy effects among collaboration partners and their extended networks in the form of cooperation projects. To achieve this Proofing Future is carefully knitting an integer, social fabric of reliable agents.

Distributed Leadership: To continuously evolve the organization along members interests and needs, Proofing Future invites members into Circles, enabling them to codevelop its organizational collective futures.

Resilience: Proofing Future’s declared goal is the acquisition and consolidation of long-term partnerships.

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