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Promote Python Language on every existing and future platform


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PythonsEverywhere is all of us

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Python language is great, and now widespread but …

Supporting new platforms is time-consuming and not always an easy task. Sometimes is just not possible to have the full functionnality.

But what if ….

We provide you with enough support to start your own port, listen to your requests and act as a mediator for missing features.

So far we have tools for building and running :

Micropython 1.10+ and CPython 3.7.x+ on major web browsers.

Micropython 1.10+ and CPython 3.7.x+ on electron platform.

CPython 3.7.x+ and Micropython 1.10+ on android 4.4 ( indeed as old as that ! )

Micropython 1.10+ for 16 Bits CPU, since CPython 3.5 dropped djgpp support

And more to come …

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