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Radio Station is a schema enabled and search engine optimized free, open-source WordPress plugin for broadcasters and webcasters that helps their listeners discover the content they care about on their WordPress websites. The plugin is operated by Netmix LLC, which was founded by CEO, Tony Zeoli.

Originally created by Niki Blight as a fork or a Drupal plugin, it had been dormant since 2013 without an update. In June 2019, Tony became the maintainer of the plugin and partnered with Australian WordPress developer, Tony Hayes, as Lead Developer to breathe new life into the project. Since taking over the plugin at 62,000-lifetime downloads over 6-years, Radio Station saw. a marked increase in interest in the plugin which has since grown to over 90,000-lifetime downloads (January 2021). The plugin is = actively installed on over 2,000 websites around the world and is translated into multiple languages.

Netmix CEO, Tony Zeoli, is a U.S. (North Carolina) based pioneering Internet entrepreneur with over three decades of experience building and maintaining websites and software for startups and corporations. With over 16-years of WordPress web development product and project management experience, Tony decided it was time to immerse himself in the development of a WordPress plugin.

Netmix Lead Developer, Tony Hayes, is an Australia-based WordPress web developer with extensive experience building and maintaining complex WordPress websites, themes, and plugins.

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