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Directs funds to vulnerable individuals globally who are helping others in their community.


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Defeating the cholera outbreak and improving Syria's water cleanliness is essential in protecting...
Every person is important here, regardless of birthplace, race, religion, gender or language. We...
Raise funds for training sessions to teach English, computer skills, other essential skills to me...
Wifi, materials and teacher for women and girls to learn remotely where it is not safe in person.

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The Cholera Outbreak & Devastating Water Crisis in Syria

For centuries, the stream of the Euphrates has run steadily across Syria—providing the area with a longstanding source of water used for the country’s drinking supply, irrigation systems, and hydropower production. The insurmountable basic...
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Published on September 21, 2022 by Mohammed Kamal

Akram al-Walidi is a Yemeni journalist who imprisoned.......

Akram al-Walidi is a Yemeni journalist who lived in Sana’a, Yemen. He supervised staff at the news networks Alrabie and SABA, and wrote articles about the Al-Islah political party based on information he received from political officials......
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Published on August 4, 2022 by Mohammed Kamal

The current State of Human Rights in Iran...... New Article On our Website

Ultimate authority in Iran is held by Ayatollah Ali Khameini, who has held the position of Supreme Leader since 1989. Iranians who protest injustices are often the victims of violent suppression. protesters who were met with violence includ...
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Published on August 3, 2022 by Mohammed Kamal


Raise the Voices is a global group of human rights volunteers that connects individuals to specific cases and large policy issues.  Young people are welcomed to volunteer as individuals or in groups!
A Raise the Voices club would participate as a unit in the larger organization, and would take on cases around the world - from supporting protestors in Hong Kong and Chile to blast victims in Lebanon to disappeared individuals in the middle east.  We raise the stories of victims and families and search for ways to take action on their behalf.

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