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Raise the Voices

Directs funds to vulnerable individuals globally who are helping others in their community.


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The Football Peace League unites Syrian youths through soccer, offering solace, teamwork, and hop...
Enabling quake victims who were already refugees to eat, rebuild their homes, and have electricit...
Defeating the cholera outbreak and improving Syria's water cleanliness is essential in protecting...
Every person is important here, regardless of birthplace, race, religion, gender or language. We...
Raise funds for training sessions to teach English, computer skills, other essential skills to me...
Wifi, materials and teacher for women and girls to learn remotely where it is not safe in person.

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Syria earthquake appeal

Published on March 5, 2023 by Mohammed Kamal

Refugee Quake Victims Direct Giving

It is half a minute or a minute. You have to leave everything and save yourself and your family by going out immediately from the house and going to the street. You will leave your winter clothes and go to the street in high storms while yo...
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Published on February 23, 2023 by Mohammed Kamal

Refugee Quake Victims Direct Giving

We were filled with death and blood..... And the earth is still dancing For what's left of our damaged souls .... As if we were born to face life alone , With its people, its tyrannies, and its nature... Even the roof He was sheltering us a...
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Published on February 23, 2023 by Mohammed Kamal


Raise the Voices is a global group of human rights volunteers that connects individuals to specific cases and large policy issues.  Young people are welcomed to volunteer as individuals or in groups!
A Raise the Voices club would participate as a unit in the larger organization, and would take on cases around the world - from supporting protestors in Hong Kong and Chile to blast victims in Lebanon to disappeared individuals in the middle east.  We raise the stories of victims and families and search for ways to take action on their behalf.

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