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The Rebels Manager is an online platform for all Extinction Rebellion national branches.


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News from XR Rebels Manager

Updates on our activities and progress.

February update

After a first quarter hunting for contributors, making the project attractive on Github and speaking with many XR coordinators around the world, we have to admit that it is not going as fast as required. Most of us are busy and trying to...
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Published on February 10, 2020 by Jah Mali

January update

Getting ready for moving national branches to the Rebels ManagerHello everyone, thanks a lot for your support.I'd like to let you know about how the Rebels Manager project progressed during December.We have reached out a...
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Published on January 13, 2020 by Jah Mali

December update

The Rebels Manager project is now getting more and more exposure at the international level.In November...We have been in touch with Extinction Rebellion national branches where team members are interest...
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Published on December 11, 2019 by Jah Mali


The Rebels Manager is an online platform under active development by Extinction Rebellion in Belgium, supported by the International Support Team (IST) to go widespread in many more countries.

The Rebels Manager code is open sourced and available at We need the whole open source community - time is running by! 🐝🌳🌍

Expected Features

  • Multi-countries
  • Customizable recruitment and event registration forms
  • Encrypted email and phone number, never shown to coordinators
  • Built-in mass emailing relying on Mailtrain
  • Built-in mass text messaging using a linked device
  • Rebels tagging and segmentation by location, skills or affinities

The Rebels Manager aims to become the perfect app for:

  • Working group coordinators
  • Local chapter coordinator
  • Movement coordinators at the national level
  • International coordinators

We regularly update our GitHub project wiki. Visit if for more details about where we are going.

How money will help us?

  • Allowing the project manager/lead developer to spend more time on the project
  • Using efficient tools to reach the open source community
  • Auditing security on a regular basis

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