We will talk about FairCoop and FairCoin with Nikola Burić, environmental engineer active in Transition and Permaculture initiatives, cooperatives Radiesli and WBG Warmbächli and the Association Service Civil International Switzerland in Bern and in FairCoop. Nikola's focus is Education for Sustainable Development and "Metabolism of the Anthroposphere" (Baccini, Brunner).

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vivo en uk y me interesa mucho aprender sobre el tema
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I'm interested in REconomy and specifically in how to start a cooperative enterprise.
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Women in commons transition collaborating with P2P Fondation, Oui Share and Tenerife Colaborativa, super passionate abnout the ways how we collaborate with each others
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I'm a individual interested in Transition and working on a Zero Waste Community Supermarket run as a Worker Cooperative
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Co-initator of Ko gradi grad, platform working on cooperative housing
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I am Brit living in Portugal. I am part of a group who has recently set up a REconomia Association. I am interested in resilience, healthy communities and Transition.
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Active [global] citizen
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