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Sueños Sin Fronteras

People of color-led collective working at the intersections of Reproductive Justice and Immigrant Justice in San Antonio, TX.


Our Mission: We aim to co-create positive health and healing outcomes alongside undocumented and immigrant pregnant and birthing people of color in San Antonio, Tejas, through peer support, knowledge sharing, community resources, and advocacy. 

Our Vision: We envision liberation for all people and advocate for conditions that affirm our autonomy and dignity, enable us to create families of our choosing, freely express our gender and sexuality, and live in healthy and joyful environments free from violence. 

Our 2023 Collective Goals: 
  • Build supportive and sustainable collective practices that center our community's autonomy, healing, and joy.
  • Support the leadership development of collective members and asylum-seeking pregnant and birthing people of color.
  • Develop, implement, and assess collective capacity through strategies rooted in community-centered practices. 

Our Story
In 2018, Isabel Ramos Zepeda and Laura Molinar, co-founded Sueños Sin Fronteras with a mutual vision for Reproductive Justice and Immigrant Justice for undocumented pregnant and birthing people in San Antonio. From 2018 to 2022, SSFTX has continuously prioritized the needs vocalized by undocumented and immigrant families in San Antonio, Tejas through mutual aid and radical care practices.  From providing emergency humanitarian relief at migrant shelters and encampments along the U.S.-Mexico border, to creating the “Showers for the People Project”, a dignified welcome service and shower project for recently-arrived immigrant adults and children at the City of San Antonio’s Migrant Resource Center. SSFTX has also successfully implemented mutual aid projects such as the “Act of Solidarity Fund”, a commissary fund for immigrant families held in detention in Karnes County, Texas, and the “Empowerment Fund”, a mutual aid fund that provided undocumented with material needs such as cash assistance, housing, transportation, health services, groceries, diapers, and cell phone assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Over 4 years, SSFTX has adapted its operations and programs to respond to evolving needs and prioritize community care. After a year of collective restructuring and redevelopment, SSFTX has shifted its focus from providing direct services to incorporating base-building practices. SSFTX honors the lived experiences, health, and wellbeing of asylum-seeking pregnant and birthing women of color and their families by co-creating intentional and culturally-sensitive practices, programs, and partnerships alongside our community. 

SSFTX operates as a self-governed collective led by women of color with lived experience in mixed-status and undocumented families. SSFTX team members are survivors of interpersonal violence and discriminatory and restrictive immigration and reproductive health policies in Texas. We stand in solidarity with asylum-seeking pregnant, birthing, and postpartum people across Tejas and recognize that we have the knowledge and resources needed to generate power.

We recognize the importance of collective care while we simultaneously work under current capitalistic systems and the nonprofit industrial complex. Mirroring the values of Reproductive Justice, we aim to decentralize power and support the healing of our communities through our collective operations and programs that honor our autonomy and create culturally-sensitive and bilingual education spaces. 

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News from Sueños Sin Fronteras

Updates on our activities and progress.

Important Notice Regarding Sueños Sin Fronteras' Fiscal Sponsorship with Open Collective Foundation

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End of Year 2022 Update

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