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Our community has voiced concerns about the current handling of FBX files within our engine. The main issue is that FBX files are imported as a single model instead of being split into multiple entities, respecting the original hierarchy as structured in their 3D package. This discrepancy hinders workflow efficiency and limits creative flexibility, impacting both game developers and artists.

We aim to develop an enhancement for our engine that introduces a much-needed feature: the option to split an FBX file into multiple model assets based on its internal hierarchy. When this toggle is activated, our engine will not only split the model but also automatically generate a prefab that mirrors the original hierarchy found in the FBX file. This approach will significantly streamline the asset integration process, fostering a more efficient and intuitive workflow for our users.

  • Develop a Toggle Feature: Users can choose how FBX files are imported—either as a single model or split into hierarchical entities.
  • Automatic Prefab Creation: To further automate the process, the engine will generate a prefab that preserves the original hierarchy of the FBX file.
  • Documentation: Provide updated documentationto ensure users can easily adapt to and leverage the new feature.

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