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We commission public journal-independent quantitative evaluation of social science/economics research that informs global priorities. We aim to improve peer review, make impactful research more rigorous (and vice versa), and enable open science.


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Please track our policy, progress, and updates at

Please track our policy, progress, and updates at
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Published on December 28, 2022 by David Reinstein


Our web site (policies, plans, and progress can be found HERE)

The Unjournal organizes and commissions public journal-independent feedback, rating, and evaluation of journal articles, preprints (or working papers), and dynamically-presented research projects. It focuses on highly impactful policy-relevant work (especially in economics, social science, and business).

Our twin goals
1. Making ‘peer evaluation and rating’ of open projects (instead of conventional 0/1 publishing of frozen pdf's) become a standard 'high status' outcome in academia/research, especially in economics and social sciences

2. Creating and coalescing around an efficient system for 'publishing', gaining credibility, and getting feedback for effective altruism and global-priorities-aligned research.

"Making rigorous research more impactful, and impactful research more rigorous."

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