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The Care Experienced Movement


To create a platform for all care experienced people


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The Care Experienced Movement - Counselling for our team!

We want to ensure anyone who works within the Care Experienced Movement can be supported. We currently pay for peoples counselling sessions up to £... Read more

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The Care Expericened Rally fund

A day to celebrate, educate and protest what it means to be Care Experienced. The aim is to have a day of celebration, education and to hold an in... Read more

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Help us develop a response to the Governments response to the care review

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The Care Experienced Movement is a movement for all are experienced people to regain our power and push change within the care system in the United Kingdom.

'Care Experience isn't the same for everyone. We are not a homogeneous community, and within that lies our strength. Together we can elicit the change we need.'

A political/civil rights movement that empowers care experienced people to be politically engaged around their care experience and to be supported to do so. This would include developing a core development group of young people to work-alongside us to develop the movement as a whole, along with a program.  To create a platform that empowers care experienced people into advocates and campaigners
around their care experience. 

Our Main Goals with this project!
  • To develop a core development group of care experienced people to help us develop as a movement.
  • To develop ways to engage around care experience in creative spaces and spaces that are trauma informed. 
  • To be in political engaged spaces (that are cross party formed) to push for the change the system needs.
  • To develop a space where we pay for care experienced people therapy for engaging with us. 

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