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The WP Community Collective

The WP Community Collective supports and funds individual contribution and community-based initiatives for the open-source WordPress project.


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The Accessibility Fellowship focuses on improving accessibility in WordPress by supporting contributors who are helping to make the WordPress proje... Read more

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Join The WP Community Collective. Anyone is welcome to join. All contributors to the open-source WordPress project are welcome to join as Voting Me... Read more

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The WPCC Organizing Fund

Support The WPCC organization and administration. Recurring donations are welcome.

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The WP Community Collective is all of us

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Sé Reed

Bridging a gap and making space.

Automattic PDARG

Accessibility Fellowship

$2,000 USD

Jeffrey Paul

Individual Membership

$1,300 USD

Rob Howard

Individual Membership

$1,000 USD

Michelle Schulp

Individual Membership

$500 USD

Bet Hannon

Individual Membership

$350 USD

Scott Kingsle...

Accessibility Fellowship

$145 USD

Lets go!

Jason Tucker

Accessibility Fellowship

$100 USD


Individual Membership

$100 USD

Let's do this together.

Nick Diego

Individual Membership

$100 USD


  • The WPCC provides fellowships to community members to financially support their contributions to the WordPress project and community.

  • The WPCC provides financial, operational, and promotional support to projects that benefit the WordPress community as a whole.

  • The WPCC creates and supports space to discuss the issues of governance, leadership, and community within the WordPress ecosystem.

  • The WPCC advocates at all levels for the project, the community, and greater collaboration and inclusion within the WordPress ecosystem.


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News from The WP Community Collective

Updates on our activities and progress.

Announcing our first Fellow: Alex Stine!

We are so pleased to announce long-time WordPress contributor Alex Stine (WordPress profile) as the very first WPCC Fellow! He will be...
Read more
Published on February 10, 2023 by Sé Reed

Do you have a match?

Hello to our lovely contributors and generally interested parties,We are so honored and grateful for the trust you have shown in us and the belief you have shown in the WP Community Collective. We are greatly looking forward to growing the...
Read more
Published on December 27, 2022 by Sé Reed

A long WPCC update for the shortest day of the year!

Hello to our intrepid contributors, supporters, members, and generally interested parties!As part of our membership in the Open Collective, the 501(c)3 that provides our fiscal sponsorship, we are asked to provide an end-of-the-year update...
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Published on December 22, 2022 by Sé Reed


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