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What’s Ubuntu Budgie? 

Ubuntu Budgie is a proud official member of the Ubuntu family. We combine the simplicity and elegance of the Budgie interface to produce a traditional desktop orientated distro with a modern paradigm. Budgie is a desktop environment focused on having a clean and yet a powerful desktop without unnecessary bloat. 

Fully functional out of the box, we include the best available Linux applications that makes you (our community) productive immediately. Backed by the powerful Debian derived Ubuntu repositories, customisation is just a ‘point & click’ away from allowing you to tailor the desktop to your way of working. Ubuntu Budgie comes with a collection of apps that enables you to work on everyday tasks and be productive. Ready to take the challenge?

Community Based 

We are based on Ubuntu and share the same massive community. Ask for help, discover new apps and meet new friends! Join us 🙂

Our distro is provided to you for free.  It is fully open-source. Our team are all volunteers based across the globe from all walks of life.  What brings us together is the production of a great product - free at the point of use - utilising the best of open-source software.

Our team

Messias Junior

Core Contributor

Samuel Lane

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