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We are a CSR project of How Do You Tech, our mission is to promote and support the use of information and communication technologies to empower women and teenagers in underserved communities.

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Finishing & equipping our new building to accommodate more participants


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This is our third annual summer steam camp

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04:00 AM UTC
We are upgrading to a dual 30 by 20ft room, please assist us!

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We are a CSR project of How Do You Tech, working as a non profit with the goals of teaching and inspiring young Africans to be prosumers of technology that will aid in solving our societal problems through the funding of ICT training and programmes.

Our vision is to promote and facilitate the creation of hubs in different rural townships, hubs set up to explore and equip individuals with digital skills. Hubs set up to provide a safe and conducive environment for girls, women and teenagers to do tech. Hubs where they are introduced to technology history, trends, software development, robotics, graphics and character development.

Read our full story here and the problem we are working to solve.

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