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This zine is intended to make information about tenants' rights in Maricopa County accessible and serves as a resource for organizing with your neighbors.


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Donate however much you'd like to get a copy of our zine on tenants' rights! Just make sure to fill out our form ( with your address and whether you'd like a copy in English, Spanish, or both. In the meantime, check out the free digital versions linked below:


Donating helps us give these away for free to tenants struggling with exploitative landlords and the unsafe living conditions they neglect.

Mission Statement
We are Worried About Rent (WAR), a tenant organizing group combatting deep-rooted racial and economic exploitation in Maricopa County, which now manifests as gentrification and displacement, by building solidarity with our neighbors. We organize autonomous tenant unions because the only way we can guarantee safe housing for all is by standing up together. 
- We are an organization made up of tenants and for tenants, to fight for the right to housing and the right to remain in the Valley.

- We fight for a world without landlords and rent. We fight to build tenant power to end the immiseration of the poor and working classes that rent-seeking represents under capitalism and to contribute to the struggle to end capitalism itself.

- We fight for tenants, not for housing. We recognize that this is a crisis of tenancy, a crisis of our place in the overall system of social reproduction. Calling this a housing crisis benefits those who design, build, and profit from housing, not the people who live in it. Tenants are full political subjects who will not be liberated by secure housing alone.

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