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To create the first arm of an on-demand manufacturing network in the POD industry


Forjery is a MOD (manufactured on demand) supplier of custom jewelry. We are Printful -- but with freeform and highly customizable jewelry, making it easy for anyone from a hobbyist to a worldwide brand to come up with a design, list it in their online store, and only have it manufactured and ship to the customer when it is purchased.

This reduced the cost of entry for many hobbyists, designers, and people trying to make an extra income, as well as reduced the environmental impact of pre-making bulk orders of jewelry. In addition, cooperative makers craft these products from the comfort of their own home and engage in as much or as little work as they are able on any given day, due to the scaled network where orders can be delivered to another maker within the network.

Forjery will pave the way for other hyperminiaturized manufacturing technologies to take hold in a global network of Makers working together to meet the needs of their local communities. The model can be expanded to include things like agriculture and local services. Forjery is the proof of concept.

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