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Servers in place
Published on February 4, 2022 by XRPL Labs
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Servers ready to be shipped by our vendor
Published on December 23, 2021 by XRPL Labs
Our vendor just mailed us they are almost ready to ship the new servers we ordered :)
The first invoices have been paid :)
Published on December 17, 2021 by XRPL Labs
The first invoices have been paid, the network gear to connect the new machines has been purchased from UBNT and servers have been ordered at Creoserver. A big payment has been made to Creoserver as a 50% deposit for the order of the amount...
Update: Request for quotation sent
Published on December 7, 2021 by XRPL Labs
Update: a request for quotation has just been sent to vendors: We'll mix and match quotes to the amount of mon...
I have no words for the overwhelming support this campaign received the past two days. What happened is beyond what I dared to hope for: the community already sponsored 3 Full History nodes, 3 non-Full history nodes and all...
Published on December 3, 2021 by XRPL Labs
It has become increasingly evident that the XRP Ledger requires more high quality infrastructure. We, at XRPL Labs, have be really touched by the outpouring of support by community members from across the world, and a varyi...