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XRPL Labs: Adopt an XRP Ledger node

Help XRPL Labs (the company behind XUMM) to improve XRP Ledger stability and availability, providing & maintaining public Full History & non Full History nodes.

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7x FH + 7x non-FH node


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Recurring support

Help XRPL Labs keep full history & non full history nodes online. We will maintain & host them, and plug them in to so the entire e... Read more

Starts at€50 EUR / month

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One-time contribution
Adopt a shared node

Help XRPL Labs purchase full history & non full history nodes. We will maintain & host them, and plug them in to so the entire ecos... Read more

Starts at€100 EUR

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One-time contribution
Adopt an entire full history node

By adopting an entire full history node, we will be able to purchase an entire machine. It'll be named after you & the node will add capacity to th... Read more

€20,000 EUR

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22,728 EUR since Dec 2021

Nomen Nescio

20,000 EUR since Dec 2021


14,720 EUR since Dec 2021

John Deaton

11,000 EUR since Dec 2021


4,589 EUR since Dec 2021


2,500 EUR since May 2022


2,150 EUR since Dec 2021


1,600 EUR since Dec 2021

Enigma Ridworld

1,230 EUR since Dec 2021


1,220 EUR since Dec 2021


1,150 EUR since Dec 2021


1,100 EUR since Dec 2021


1,000 EUR since Dec 2021

Billy little

1,000 EUR since Dec 2021

Sparkles NFT

1,000 EUR since Dec 2021


MotionWreck Games Community

1,400 EUR since Dec 2021


1,000 EUR since Dec 2021

XRPL Labs: Adopt an XRP Ledger node is all of us

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Wietse Wind


€100 EUR


€22,728 EUR

Nomen Nescio

Adopt an entire full histor...

€20,000 EUR


€14,720 EUR

John Deaton

Recurring support

€11,000 EUR


Recurring support

€4,589 EUR

We are all in this together.

Adopt a shared node

€2,500 EUR


Recurring support

€2,150 EUR


Recurring support

€1,600 EUR

MotionWreck G...

Recurring support

€1,400 EUR

Enigma Ridworld

Adopt a shared node

€1,230 EUR



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Today’s balance

€43,638.55 EUR

Total income

€145,395.23 EUR

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€101,756.68 EUR

Estimated annual budget

€13,016.15 EUR


Let’s get the ball rolling!

News from XRPL Labs: Adopt an XRP Ledger node

Updates on our activities and progress.

Servers in place

All servers have been purchased, delivered, installed and racked. They are now in production :D
Read more
Published on February 4, 2022 by XRPL Labs

Servers ready to be shipped by our vendor

Our vendor just mailed us they are almost ready to ship the new servers we ordered :)
Read more
Published on December 23, 2021 by XRPL Labs

The first invoices have been paid :)

The first invoices have been paid, the network gear to connect the new machines has been purchased from UBNT and servers have been ordered at Creoserver. A big payment has been made to Creoserver as a 50% deposit for the order of the amount...
Read more
Published on December 17, 2021 by XRPL Labs


XRPL Labs is the team behind XUMM, the #1 non custodial wallet for the XRP Ledger ecosystem. The XRPL Labs team spends day and night to grow the XRP Ledger ecosystem. The flagship product, XUMM, allows end users to interact seamlessly with the XRP Ledger. The platform behind XUMM allows developers to interact with end users.

XRPL Labs also contributes to the ecosystem by publishing many open source code libraries.

It has become increasingly evident that the XRP Ledger requires more high quality infrastructure. We, at XRPL Labs, have be really touched by the outpouring of support by community members from across the world, and a varying spectrum of interests. We also understand that it's not possible for many to either put in the funds for such high quality infrastructure, or maybe have the necessary technical ability to do it.

After a bit of brainstorming, we came up with a way to include all these wonderful people and give them a way to contribute. XRPL Labs would be honored to run community sponsored infrastructure in a robust and transparent manner. This infrastructure is over and above that provided by other operators including the XRPL Foundation.

Like with any effort like this, there are some rules to be laid out upfront:
  1. Through this platform we can only accept payments in USD and EUR, as hardware bills are in those. Speculative gains and losses by accepting XRP would make it impossible to budget for things accurately.
    However, if you want to donate XRP, you can: all XRP received on a specific XRPL account will be converted to EUR and added to this campaign, see:
  2. Contributors will not get a "share" of the node they have contributed to, and trust XRPL Labs to deploy the node, maintain it and add it to the pool.
  3. There is no premium access to be gained by contributing, just the great feeling of having done something tangible for the progress of the XRP Ledger
  4. These infrastructure nodes ARE NOT validators, so will not vote on network features. Only nodes for ledger querying will be operated through this initiative. These nodes have (unlike validators) no voting rights on the network. As no voting power is gained through this initiative, no voting power comes with your contribution