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I graduated from the METU Physics Undergraduate Program and have 20+ years of experience in corporate environments. My expertise lies in managing, planning, leading teams on technology projects, and product management. Throughout my career, I've been dedicated to advancing projects in domains crucial for civil society, open science, open source and innovation. Over the past 7 years, I've been deeply involved in fostering social and open innovation, community building, mentoring, and supporting tech-driven entrepreneurship. 

This journey has allowed me to lead various events and establish communities. I'm a proud co-founder of both the Open Innovation Association and ScienceCOOP, where I offer valuable advice to optimize open innovation processes. My impact extends beyond advice; I actively encourage collaboration between startups and institutions, support groundbreaking research projects, and handle complex project preparation for both international and national funding. Additionally, I successfully organized the HacknBreak Open Innovation Camp and Conferences, reflecting my commitment to catalyzing innovation ecosystems.