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Fostering independence, productivity, and creativity, OpenCampus presents a collaborative and open campus model for researchers in science and tech. Your support acts as the catalyst for the unique ecosystem of OpenCampus.


OpenCampus, which previously hosted training sessions, camps, and events with the participation of thousands of individuals in the fields of science, technology, design, and free software, is transforming in response to the current social, economic, and political crises. We are redesigning OpenCampus as a dedicated campus to support special scientific researchers, by reducing the scale. 

By addressing significant global challenges in social, economic, and environmental realms, we are dedicated to developing local and community-driven solutions that strive to generate positive and global impacts in the future. Presently, our primary objective at OpenCampus is to establish conducive living and working conditions for dedicated PhD and master's level researchers specializing in specific research areas and facing challenges related to fundamental necessities like housing, nutrition, and basic income. Our aim is to foster a community-driven approach that generates positive and lasting impacts on a local and global scale. 


This campaign aims to shed light on the challenging situation we currently face, seeking assistance to navigate these difficulties through collective support, all while aiming to avoid burdening anyone. 
Over the past 3 years, grappling with natural disasters like the global pandemic, a severe economic-social crisis, earthquakes, and a fire on our land has significantly impacted our ability to plan and organize OpenCampus activities. The fire that cover whole OpenCampus land in the summer of 2022 has been severe. We could not recover the financial toll of the fire, and the shock of two successive earthquakes. As a result, we endured these hardships in silence.


However, despite these adversities and during such trying times, the spirit of collectivism and the existence of collective spaces become more crucial. Your support will play a vital role in sustaining these ideals.

We have strategic plans to navigate the upcoming period sustainably. Yet, the immediate issue is the annual rent payment for our operating area, due every January. Currently, we only have $1000. We urgently need to secure an additional $7000 by March 31, 2024.

You can contribute to OpenCampus according to your means. We have chosen the OpenCollective platform to ensure transparency in the process. For those residing institutions in the USA and some EU countries, contributions made to OpenCollective can be tax-deductible. If you are not a regular OpenCollective supporter as an institution, for the process feel free to contact us before donation . 

 Our Principles and Values 
Here are the principles reflecting our values; 
  • Bringing together diligent scientists, engineers, and designers.
  • Uniting around principles of meritocracy.
  • Embracing freedom as a core value.
  • Encouraging autonomy, creativity, and open expression of ideas.
  • Prioritizing honesty in all endeavors.
  • Fostering a transparent and trustworthy environment for collaboration.
  • Collaborating for the benefit of science, society, and nature.
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Ensuring fair and inclusive distribution of the outcomes of collaborative work.
  • Striving to be an egalitarian space.
  • Promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of our community.
  • Aiming to be a common ground.
  • Nurturing a deep connection with nature.
Our call for support is not just a financial request; it is also an invitation for those who want to be involved in the design and modeling process of OpenCampus. Any contribution you provide will add value to realize OpenCampus and enhance the potential for a collaborative future.

If you prefer, we can acknowledge your contributions on our social media accounts. If you are supporting us on behalf of your organization or community, feel free to send your logo to [email protected], and we'll express our gratitude on our social media channels.

You can support us also through out the following:

Crypto Wallet: (Ethereum MainNet, OP MainNet, zkSync Era MainNet, Polygon MainNet, Avalance C-Chain, Celo, BNB Chain, Arbitrum One)

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This summer, we will re-repair the infrastructure of OpenCampus and reorganize a HacknBreak to create a production scale. It will be a ThinkTank event that Blockchin Communities, largely related to Science, Technology and Design, will be able to participate at THE LEVEL OF REPRESENTATION. After solving our rent problem, we will share the developments.

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