Sustain Summit 2017 - San Francisco

A one day conversation for Open Source Software sustainers

Monday, June 19, 2017, 10:00 AM - Wednesday, March 15, 2017, 6:00 PM (UTC-08:00)
Created by: SustainOSS


A one day conversation for Open Source Software sustainers

No keynotes, expo halls or talks. Only discussions about how to get more resources to support digital infrastructure.


A guided discussion about getting and distributing money or services to the Open Source community. The conversation will be facilitated by Gunner from AspirationTech.


A sustainer is someone who evangelizes and passionately advocates for the needs of open source contributors.

They educate the public through blog posts, talks & social media about the digital infrastructure that they use everyday and for the most part, take for granted.

They convince the companies that they work for to donate money, infrastructure, goods and/or services to the community at large. They also talk to the companies that they don’t work for about the benefits sustaining open source for the future.


  • Slack #sustain
  • Twitter @sustainoss
  • GitHub


We welcome everyone who wants to contribute to this conversation. Email us [email protected] if the ticket doesn't fit your budget.


We are still accepting sponsorships if you'd like to contribute.

78 people going

Duane Obrien
Open Source Evangelist, Researcher, Jumpsuit Wizard
Jan Flowers
Open source advocate and leader for OpenMRS and global health informatics.
Nate Aune
Open sourcerer
Andrew Nesbitt
Package Management Nerd
Sharon Cordesse
Connecting the Community
Rishi Gupta
Core developer for Zulip group chat.
Josh Liebowitz
Working at Google on @fastlaneTools fulltime
Felix Krause
Founder of, full time open source being
Ari Lerner
Gregor Martynus
Community Facilitator at Hoodie
Fullstack React
Karsten Wade
Community architect @RHT who <3s free/open source infra
Tom Scogland
Parallel computing, energy efficiency, and programming models
Giuseppe Di Natale
Open Source File System Software Developer
David Beckingsale
Elsa Gonsiorowski
HPC software developer and I/O researcher at LLNL
Todd Gamblin
Research Scientist/Team Lead at LLNL. Creator of Spack (
Brian Bassett
Digging for complex tech debt challenges for Corgibytes.
Simon Ford
Jubilant 4 year old. Loves Transformers, Lego and reading.
Maxime Beauchemin
Airbnb Superset and Apache Airflow
Scott Ford
Chief Code Whisperer and CTO at Corgibytes
Greg Price
Zulip group chat / mypy: Python static types / Dropbox
Donald Fischer
Entrepreneur and investor focused on technologist communities
Danese Cooper
Open Source Diva. Convened the first Sustainability Summit
George Leslie-Waksman
Clover Health engineer and sometimes OSS contributor.
Sheryl Chamberlain
Dynamic, results oriented strategist with a passion for creating & delivering innovative solutions
steve Gill
I work at adobe on the open source office & Adobe PhoneGap and am an ASF member working on Apache Cordova
Jesse MacFadyen
Web unfucker
Luis Villa
Wikimedia, Mozilla, GNOME, more. Lawyer.
James Bennett
Karthik Ram
Karthik is the project lead of the rOpenSci open source project, an open science advocate, and a senior data science research fellow at UC Berkeley.
Tracy Teal
Director of Data Carpentry & open science advocate & practioner
Eric Holscher
Darius Jazayeri
Software Architect for the Bahmni Hospital Information System
Jordan Harband
I love open source. I have many opinions, loudly. I believe in inclusion.
Jacob Burton
Dev lead at
Havoc Pennington
Mikeal Rogers
Node.js since back in the day.
Gregory Bloom
I lead the Open Referral Initiative [] and practice cooperative development.
Ben Werdmuller
Invests in startups creating a more informed, inclusive & empathetic society at
Christie Koehler
Rebecca Turner
npm cli tech lead, reflexive programmer
Adam Stacoviak
Lou Huang
Benevolent Dictator For Now, Streetmix / Corporate Overlord, Bad Idea Factory
Penny Yao
Kyle Shay
Destiny Item Manager
roman globys07
Tracy Hinds
Board of Directors at OSI | startup support buddy | OSS community catherder | Head of Platform @SamsungNEXT | Fighting tiny revolutions. Inciting confidence one convo at a time
James J. Womack
Myles Borins
Josh Greenberg
Program Director at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Michael Downey
Director of Community, Digital Impact Alliance at United Nations Foundation
Steven Phillips
Carol Willing
Jupyter and Python Software Foundation
Blaine Bublitz
Sue-Ann Ma
product manager at nonprofit looking to leverage open source technology for good (and still be financially self-sustainable)
Andrei Kalachev
I'm postgraduate student at Penza State University. Do research: verification, SMV, automatization, robots. Professional skills: nxtSTUDIO, CODESYS, SWI-Prolog, ROS, web-programming, C++, PHP, yii2, java, autotests, selenium, jmeter, postman, SoapUI.
Mike Dolan
I help communities collaborate
Josh Simmons
Google Open Source and Open Source Initiative
Will Norris
Open Source at Google
Alana Post
Product person!
Kristen Yawitz
Fundraising/Comms @ HURIDOCS
Aseem Sood
Cofounder, Open Collective.
Dave Gandy
I make Font Awesome.
Jay Graber
Kris Borchers
Nadia Eghbal
Nick Johnson
basic open source generalist
David Baldwin
Opensource hardware and software hacker
Alolita Sharma
Software Engineer, Open Source, Language Technologies, Enabling Access for All
Jim Jagielski
Open Source Luminary
VM Brasseur
Nithya Ruff
It is our duty to sustain work we all benefit from.
Making the Internet Work the Way It Should for Anything Online
Richard Littauer
Open source maintainer, sailor, poet
Justin Dorfman
Co-founder/organizer of Sustain Summit.
Xavier Damman
Entrepreneur sharing ideas in copyleft