EU Rebellion Finance has been archived.

EU Rebellion Finance has been archived and is no longer active.

EU Rebellion Finance

Facilitate finance and fundraising for the EU rebellion with all groups


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17.04. - #4 EU Rebellion Finance / Fundraising team call

Published on April 24, 2020 by Monni

17.04. - #4 EU Rebellion Finance / Fundraising team call Attendees: @monni, @stella.indira, @citizenspring, @flozelleModeration @monniReport @flozelle Check In Review of last week's AP @flozelle: contact...

03.04. 3rd EU Rebellion Finance / Fundraising Exchange

Published on April 3, 2020 by Monni

03.04. - #3 EU Rebellion Finance / Fundraising team call · Attendees: @moritz, @monni, @flozelle, @citizenspring, @stella.indira (at the end) Moderation: @flozelleReport:

20.03.20 2nd EU Rebellion Finance / Fundraising Call

Published on March 20, 2020 by Monni

Attendees: @citizenspring (Belgium) , @monni (Germany), @pierre-marie (France), @liamstrad (Global Support), @angelika (Germany), @stella.indira (Austria), @aliceh (Global Support)Moderation: @monni


The goal of our working group is to help all XR groups fundraise and manage their finance for the upcoming EU rebellion in Brussels and facilitate budget allocation.

If you plan to come to Brussels as a local group or affinity group and need some funding (for your travel expenses, material, logistics, etc.), we invite you to start your own open collective so that you can start raising money in your local community. We will organise regular online meetings to support each other and allocate the money that we will raise at the EU Rebellion level.

For questions that may be of interest to other groups, please start a new conversation on this collective.
For private questions, use the contact form above. You can also find us on the Rebellion Wave #3 on Mattermost.

With love and rage,