Hi there,
I looked closer to your invoice and I noticed an error. Actually, you cannot use Open Collective Europe name, address and VAT number. Could you please send me a new invoice with your collective name and address (address can be yours or the of someone of Manyverse) instead of the one of OCE?
Thank you for your help,
Happy to answer additional questions if needed. Here are some additional information: https://opencollective.com/europe/conversations/about-vat-04qj9b68
2/19 Andre Staltz
Hi Jean-François, thanks for clarifying. Something seems to have changed on the host side, then, because notice that I have been making these invoices with the same exact format since 2018, are all my other invoices wrong too? For instance see expense #12828 done and paid this year. The link you provided helps a lot, I just hope I had this info a long time ago. How do you want to proceed now that this invoice is already approved and paid? (How do I send an invoice that is not going to be paid?) What about the Reverse VAT Charge?
Let's just make this last one right and the futur ones right. Since you did not invoiced any vat charge nor asked for tva back, it's not too bad on our side.
2/19 Andre Staltz
So it suffices to submit a new invoice with the correct PDF? Or should I send it through email or?
yes, just edit the expense and switch the invoice ;) 
2/19 Andre Staltz
The website doesn't allow me to edit the expense, only submit new ones.