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pure Kotlin mocking library

MockK is covering right now JVM and Common platforms and successfully competing with Mockito as Kotlin mocking library. It is a very young project(start Oct 2017), but there are already thousands of users worldwide and downloads growing each month.

We are actively looking for contributors and co-authors. There are two ambitious goals, that look unachievable at first sight, but in my opinion is essential to win Kotlin competition and require just hard and inventive work. They are - support for Kotlin/JS and Kotlin/Native platforms. If you think you can accept one of this two challenges and join us please contact me.

Besides, contributions may cover:

  • documentation improvements
  • KDoc samples
  • refactorings
  • additional test coverage
  • bug fixes
  • features similar to Mockito
  • new features with user-oriented goals in mind
  • integration with RxJava, SpringFu, Spring test, e.t.c.

MockK march - may 2018


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