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GRP8 - Impact and Evaluation Support Services


Supporting projects in addressing their challenges and evaluating and measuring impact.


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This project is offering support to several grassroots / community permaculture projects that want to improve how they evaluate their work and assess its impact.
We work with participating projects to identify areas that they want to work on, agree a pathway to do that work which will be supported by online materials and courses, 1-1 coaching, small group workshops and peer to peer learning through a community forum.
Understanding and assessing impact can help projects to improve their work, access more and better funding, and contribute to a collective evidence base of the impact of permaculture projects.
Previous work has shown that many community permaculture projects are aware that they should be measuring their impact and doing monitoring and evaluation but need help to get started. This project will help up to ten projects directly, and will use learnings to develop wider support in this area. 

1. Communicate (advertise) the offer and invite applications.
2. Start working with four to six new client projects by Sept 2024.
3. Continue working with existing clients throughout this year or until they feel ready to stop if sooner.
4. Document learning from engagements, and identify opportunities (for within CoLab and outside CoLab), in a project Learning Log, by Dec 2024 (To be continued in 2025).
5. Actively seek to integrate, learn from and cross-pollinate with other related initiatives, eg Permaculture Impact, Next Step MEL Research work etc. Ongoing.
6. Invite clients to apply for micro-grants, as and when needed.
7. Write up completed client engagements as case studies for and Permaculture Impact websites. 

Kate Swatridge, Aimee Fenech
Reporting Officer: Kate Swatridge 

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