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Welcome Markus! OCNZ is growing and evolving
Published on February 26, 2023 by Alanna Irving

Kia ora! 

Open Collective NZ now hosts 27 Collectives, who have together raised ~$182k for their awesome and varied kaupapa, including...
  • Ngā Hapū o Te Ahuahu Communications, supporting  comms to find and reconnect hapū members
  • Better Work Together, a community around a book about tools, methods and stories to help people do better work together
  • Hala, producing music gigs to fundraise for and support charities and artists
  • Te Awhi Rito, creating a safe space for Māori second-language learners to boost their learning journey while deepening connections
  • Utu Ā Matimati, a Takatāpui art collective creating an awesome zine
  • NZ Federated Services, hosting OpenSource alternatives to mainstream social media platforms
We think there's a real need for fundholding services in Aotearoa, so we're leaning into growing OCNZ, getting the word out about what we do, and preparing to support even more Collectives. To that end, we're welcoming Markus onto the team! He will bring increased capacity to help us better serve all our Collectives and help OCNZ grow.

Markus is a former banker who quit his job in 2015, after going down a rabbit hole investigating the systemic design flaws in our financial and economic system. Since 2017, he has been running his own consulting business, first in Germany and now here in New Zealand. Primarily, he offers strategic, financial, and operational support for projects and organisations that intentionally go beyond the capitalist money-centered worldview. He co-founded an incorporated society for community farming in Germany, and would love to find a similar place for his family in Aotearoa. He thinks that the two main most exciting things about working here are challenging the status quo as an organisation, and offering a place for emerging groups to focus on their purpose.

Welcome Markus! You will be seeing his name pop up processing your expenses and answering support queries. If you need any help or have ideas about how OCNZ can evolve and grow, you can reach him at [email protected].
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Markus Muellenschlaeder

Posted on February 27, 2023

Thanks Alanna and thank you to the amazing Collectives who are already part of our family. I am looking forward to get to know you better soon and am very happy to support wherever I can.
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