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Okionu Birth Foundation

Okionu Birth Foundation provides free meal delivery and culturally affirming mental health support for low-income BIPOC postpartum families in the early weeks after their baby is born.


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News from Okionu Birth Foundation

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What A Year, What A Year!

Greeting Okionu supporters, I hope you are all well. In 2023 Okionu Birth Foundation had many opportunities to learn, grow, and engage our community. Some highlights include: Launching our 'True Wisdom Postpartum Circles' in Dallas, TX from...
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Published on December 22, 2023 by Jacquelyn Clemmons

End Of Year with Okionu Birth Foundation!

Happy Friday Okionu Family! We are thrilled to share our end of year wrap up with you. 2022 has been a year with tons of highs and lows and we are beyond grateful for you and your tangible and intangible support. Earlier th...
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Published on December 16, 2022 by Jacquelyn Clemmons

Okionu Birth Foundation Is A Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women Grant Recipient!

Hello Okionu family, As we approach our one year anniversary we are thrilled to announce we will receive a Black Women Impact Grant from Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women! Launched in partnership with Black women-led organizations, the...
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Published on June 16, 2022 by Jacquelyn Clemmons


How you start matters- Strong Families start with Strong Support

The first forty days after birth are one of the most important timeframes for new families. It's a time where nourishment and wellness are of the utmost importance. 

Okionu Birth Foundation provides a unique meal provision and group support model for parents in low-income BIPOC families for six weeks after their baby is born. 

The program is intended to improve maternal/paternal/child health, reduce infant mortality and extend preventative services to families with a significant risk factor but without a diagnosed problem. We do this by providing 6 weeks of nutritious meals and group support for new parents.

It's an innovative way of providing support that addresses the needs of low-income BIPOC postpartum families. 

Our Mission-Strengthen lives, families, and communities.

Okionu Birth Foundation is built on a passion for improving the lives of individuals and families. We connect the entire family to the help and services they need, right when they need it. We provide so much more than just food and group support. In partnership with you, we are building strong people, communities, and families.

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