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Providing ready made, constantly evolving software to meet the needs of local mutual aid projects.


Resilience is a group of global volunteers creating software to help organizers, volunteers, and mutual aid groups. We aim to help communities help themselves (neighbors helping neighbors) and support solidarity over charity.

The biggest problems with existing tools (spreadsheets) are the inability to scale, ensuring volunteers' and beneficiaries' safety, and logistical issues (finding best route/timing). Resilience App solves these problems and focuses on mission-based volunteering, with each individual mission being rated by the requester to build up credibility for volunteers.

Food waste is our most pressing concern. Based on that, we have tested this software in Studio City, LA, and several other neighborhoods to overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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We should also mention that is not really our 'home' yet. Some of the members from the 'governance' sub task force have been looking at options that can help us survive as a 'circle in a triangle' world, and we like the sound of OpenCollective so have been experimenting with it a bit!

For now our main homes (as a group) are in slack and github. Visit to find those links (but when you do please understand that this website hasn't been updated in a while so doesn't do a great job of understanding where are at right now).

Pretty soon we will be launching resilienceapp dot org which will represent us to the world, but that is still in the design phase.... 

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Updates on our activities and progress.

Notes from our first retrospective!

Here's some notes from our first retrospectve. Come visit our slack for the latest news and updates, but thought I'd cross post here in case it's of interest. For clarity even though it says it's from me, all of the following is actu...
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Published on June 12, 2020 by Miles Thompson

Version 0.1 Release!

Now that we have reached this milestone, we are reaching out to groups that are interested in using the software, affirming our intentions for this project going forward, and fine-tuning things.
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Published on June 12, 2020 by Dana Awachi
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Open Source Design for Human rights!

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