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The Roslindale Community Fridge

The Roslindale Community Fridge is a mutual aid collective working to provide food access + resources to residents through community fridge efforts and community programming.


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$5 Monthly Sponsor - Give a Cup of Coffee

Give the cost of a cup of coffee, and energize the Community Fridge's operations. Your monthly donation means the world to us, and it's what mutual... Read more

$5 USD / month

$10 Monthly Sponsor - The Best Subscription Service!

Subscribe to our streaming service -- our service is streaming goods into our fridge & pantry! Give $10 month for ad-free access to supporting your... Read more

$10 USD / month

$50 Monthly Sponsor - Making it Happen

$50 can be spread so incredibly far at the Community Fridge. Your monthly donation means the world to us, and it's what mutual aid is all about! We... Read more

$50 USD / month

$100 Monthly Sponsor - Making Big Moves

What can we say except - wow! This is beyond generous and a true commitment. Your monthly donation means the world to us, and it's what mutual aid ... Read more

$100 USD / month


Support the following initiatives from The Roslindale Community Fridge.

Feeding and loving our community during the holidays, through mutual aid.

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Jenny Nguyen

$5,100 USD since Jan 2021

Amy Littlefield

$1,400 USD since May 2021

Lori Haberman

$1,400 USD since May 2021


$850 USD since Mar 2021

Andrea Constantino

$700 USD since May 2021

Hannah Weisman and Mike Peluse

$502 USD since Dec 2021

The Rozzie Square Theater

$500 USD since Apr 2022


$450 USD since Nov 2021

Nora Hill

$400 USD since Mar 2021


$365 USD since May 2021


Fidelity Charitable

$5,000 USD since Jan 2022

Off Their Plate

$4,000 USD since Jun 2021

Roslindale Community Fridge Venmo

$3,030.41 USD since Mar 2021

Ardent Life, Inc.

$1,400 USD since May 2021

Schwab Charitable

$500 USD since Nov 2021

Pazzo Books

$50 USD since Mar 2021

Open Collective COVID-19 Relief Fund

$35.98 USD since Mar 2021

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Jenny Nguyen


$5,100 USD

Off Their Plate

$4,000 USD

Amy Littlefield

Side Dish! - Turkey Drive

$1,400 USD

Ardent Life, ...

Side Dish! - Turkey Drive

$1,400 USD

Lori Haberman

Side Dish! - Turkey Drive

$1,400 USD


Stuffing! - Turkey Drive

$850 USD

Andrea Consta...

$700 USD


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News from The Roslindale Community Fridge

Updates on our activities and progress.

New Fridge + Garden is Growing!

Hello friends! The original Roslindale Community Fridge has made its departure from us last week and we have replaced it with a new fridge! It was such a great run and we are excited for our new fridge. Will send updates on when it gets pai...
Read more
Published on May 22, 2021 by Jenny Nguyen

Community Garden In The Works!

Hey friends! As we had mentioned before, we are currently working to provide more food access resources to our neighbors and friends. As of this month, we are working to create a community garden at the Healy Field in Roslindale! Our commun...
Read more
Published on March 1, 2021 by Jenny Nguyen

Mutual Love: Monthly Themed Food Drives

We are super excited to announce our latest intiative: Mutual Love; our monthly food drive that will be taking place at the Roslindale Community Fridge. Each month, we plan to have a theme that relates to food insecurity and provide resourc...
Read more
Published on January 11, 2021 by Jenny Nguyen


The Roslindale Community Fridge is a mutual aid collective that works to provide healthy food access and COVID-19 resources to our neighbors through community programming and installing community fridges in our neighborhood.

In Massachusetts, every 1 in 8 families faces food insecurity. The community fridge provides a place for community members to access free food without question and also pick up information about other food access resources in the area. Through donations and volunteer work, the community fridge has been able to prosper and flourish for the past 4 months.

Moving into the new year, we hope to continue our community programming and expand our community fridge efforts to other parts of Boston and engage in other creative ways with our community.

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