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Mesh Networking with the LibreRouter stack

The basics on selecting hardware, getting the firmware and setting-up a node on a mesh network using LibreMesh

Monday, July 1, 2019, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM (UTC+03:00)


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Mesh networking with the LibreRouter stack

What this workshop will cover: What kind of hardware should be used for meshing and why. With a router in hands we'll install the latest LibreMesh on it and get it meshing with other nodes. Once we have a mesh network going, by using Moinho's mesh network as an example, we'll explore how to navigate it using the command-line and the user interfaces.

Required prior knowledge: The command-line is crucial for diving deep into a mesh network, so familiarity with it and with some basic bash is very welcome, although many things can be done thru graphic interface more and more, so don't let that scare you out.

Rough format: 90min video call. It'll start out with me showing the hardware and explaining important parts of it. We'll shift to the computer screen where we'll continue to see how a firmware is compiled, how to install it, and how to interact with our newly created mesh node. I'll show a few pics of how our nodes here are setup, how they are spread across the village and why. Everyone is welcome to follow along with their own routers, although they need to be a bit specific: dual-band (2Ghz and 5Ghz) and at least 8mb of flash. Most used options are tl-wdr3500, tl-wdr3600, tl-wdr4300 or archer-c7-1750.

Teacher: Luandro who's doing a workshop for the first time and has terrible bandwidth. He lives in an isolated maroon village in central Brazil, where together with his neighbors a community mesh network was deployed so that everyone could share a cheaper and better Internet connection, and where experiments with community-first, decentralized applications are being held.

Audience: Scuttlebutt contributors (community gardeners, artists, coders) are welcome to attend for free - the SSBC OpenCollective funds are there to grow the commons, and the people are the commons. It’s up to you to decide whether you’re a “contributor”.

People who don’t identify as contributors will be invited to koha to the OpenCollective - offer a gift of any size, in accordance with their means. This could be $0. Any amount helps acknowledge the gift that the host is offering, and will help future workshops happen.

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