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Morph targets


Add support for morph target animation


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For the work you deliver, you will receive $800.- . If you think a deliverable costs more money, please contact us through the accompanied GitHub ticket. We are more than willing to discuss about features vs budget.

  • Importing process: Use the preexisting FBX pipeline, add a new toggle to the import UI to include morph targets, store morph targets into a new collection inside of the model asset.
  • Animation Binding: Importing animations would have to retrieve and include morph target keys as well. When those animations run, the associated morph target of the model being animated should be affected as well.
  • Runtime: ModelComponent would have a new collection of weights, which could be floats with values from 0 to 1 for example. Each of those weights relate to a morph target in the Model referenced. Those values would be controlled from editor or at runtime through C#.
  • Rendering: Applying those morph targets over the model when rendering based on the associated weights, after the skeleton blending pass.
  • Documentation 
    • Add a new sample for morph target, that sample contains a scene with a model and a small script. The script changes morph target blending at run time to show users how one would set it up.
    • Add a page to the Animation documentation that explains what morph targets are and how they can be used
We are open to change those. Users and future contributors to this feature can share their thoughts and we'll update them accordingly.  


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Credit from Gnowos to Morph targets

Contribution #737025

Credit from Gnowos to Morph targets

Contribution #737025

Credit from Gnowos to Morph targets

Contribution #737025
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