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we provide Nextcloud services to individuals and small teams


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Contribution #463020
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The nextcloud team is made up of Ewan Findley and Aimee Fenech

An ethical and secure alternative to Google Apps (Google Drive, Docs etc) and similar cloud services.

We’re running Nextcloud (open source software) on a green computing server. The energy, hardware and software in our service all align with permaculture ethics. 

You will get access to all the cloud services we are currently offering in our suite; 

  1. Drive (file storage with share link creation) 
  2. Collaborative document editor (in-browser)
  3. Calendar
  4. Kanban Board
  5. Mindmapping
  6. and more…
+ More can be added depending on demand

We’re looking to adapt this service to the needs of our users’ so your feedback will steer the project.

Why not continue using Google Drive?

Cloud services such as Google Drive are offered for free in exchange for users’ data which the company then sells on to make money. This business model has been dubbed ‘surveillance capitalism’ and is in opposition to permaculture ethics. For further reading; The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff or watch the film The Great Hack.


If I start with a small size org account (5 people) can I later upgrade to next tier?

Yes, if you are already subscribed to this service please contact us to let us know your intention and we will guide you accordingly. You can send cancel your subscription on Open Collective you can see this option when you go on your account and then “manage contributions”

If I cancel a 5 person contribution and then open a new 10 person contribution will my data still be available?

Yes, the cancellation of a contribution does not mean immediate deletion of your data, this is a manual process so there is no risk of your data being deleted between switching of subscriptions. 

What if I need space for 20 people (not mentioned in offers)

We are happy to talk to you in more detail about bespoke arrangements in person. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Can I set up decks and docs that only certain people have access to – for example, for small project teams?

Yes, you can give access to collaborators by using the sharing button on a specific folder or document and then adding there email address or username. 

When it says “includes setup of Nextcloud user accounts’ does that mean I send you list of users and emails and then you set up these accounts and also let my people know that you have done this or does it work differently from this?

Once your subscription is set up please send us the list of emails of users you would like to set up and we will do that for you. The users will be notified individually with their login information.

Do you have to have all the potential users at the same time or can I add them in small batches at different times?

No, you can set up users as you go along. 

Can I set up a spreadsheet in Nextcloud?

Yes, simply add new spreadsheet in the folder you would like to use by clicking on the “+” button and then choose “Spreadsheet”.

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We provide consultation services for individuals, teams and organisations to help them use Nextcloud services.

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