XR Belgium

Extinction Rebellion Belgium unifies 19 local groups spread across the country working together to pressure the government to declare climate and ecological emergency and develop a necessary plan to phase out fossil fuels.


Who are Extinction Rebellion (XR)? 
We are a diverse movement of people deeply concerned about the climate emergency the world is facing. We are an autonomous and decentralised, fastest-growing climate & ecology movement spread across 56 countries and thousands of cities. We are young people who care about our future, mothers defending their children, grandparents rebelling for life.

Why do we exist? 
A long history of burning fossil fuels and land exploitation has led us to worsening climate impacts - recurring environmental disasters, floods, droughts, fires, and crop failures globally. Governments across the world are urged to take immediate action and to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions to protect the people and the planet from a disastrous future. Yet our government is ignoring the warnings and are still helping the very industries that are putting our lives in danger. But change is necessary and is possible.

What we do? 
We believe that our government will be compelled to act through civil disobedience and active participation of citizens. For this, we use creative and peaceful non-violent direct action and organise democratical people’s assemblies to put pressure on our government and bring equitable solutions to climate change. 

Your donation makes a huge difference
Our work relies on the generosity of our supporters and donors. Your donations will directly help us to organise more impactful actions and events. We are also striving to support our key volunteers tirelessly working to ensure that XR is more sustainable, and our actions and activities happen. 

All donations will be used to: 
  • organise more non-violent direct actions across Belgium;
  • reimburse costs of our volunteers and make our actions more accessible;
  • organise people’s assemblies to collect viewpoints and demands from other movements and individuals;
  • deliver trainings for our volunteers and the local groups and help us to grow larger;
  • develop and expand our communications online and offline;
  • provide our key organisers with Volunteer Living Allowance, so they can fully focus on the important work within Extinction Rebellion (coordination, behind the scenes work, etc.). 
Of all the donations, 10% is transferred to Global Support, the international branch of Extinction Rebellion. This 10% is used by Global Support to assist Extinction Rebellion groups across the world, which do not have the operating capacity to self-fund. A global crisis requires a global rebellion! 

Donations are received through All for Climate asbl, our fiscal sponsor.

We follow XR Belgium donor due diligence guidelines when looking for and receiving financial support from the prospective donors. We won’t accept money from funders which contradict our theory of change, including fossil fuel companies, pharmaceutical companies, mainstream banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, agri-bussiness companies, registered lobbyists, and political parties. 

More information about XR Belgium and how to support us further: https://www.extinctionrebellion.be/en/ 

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Become a rebel with a monthly donation to the collective! Regular donations make our work much mo... Read more

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EU rebellion organisation weekend

Bringing rebels together from across Europe to prepare the Brussels rebellion
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Connected Collective

Boycott Autosalon Crowdfunding Campaign

Finance the action of Extinction Rebellion Belgium
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Connected Collective

Extinction Rebellion Namur

Extinction Rebellion Namur Belgique (association de fait)
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Connected Collective

XR Antwerp

Rebel for climate emergency
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Connected Collective

XR Belgium Legal

Collective for the Legal National Circle of XR Belgium (unincorporated partnership)
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Connected Collective

XR Belgium Trainings

Extinction Rebellion Belgium Training Circle
Past event

The Condor and the Eagle screening in Leuven

Sep 12Sep 12, 2020
06:00 PM UTC
XR Leuven and Fiesta Partigiani invite you to watch an inspiring film at Eco-Cultuur Centrum! XR ...Read more
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Past event

XR Autumn Regen Weekend

Nov 8Nov 10, 2019
05:00 PM UTC
A getaway weekend in nature not far from Brussels to regen together
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