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We are offering free fiscal sponsorship for #COVID19 related collectives
Published on April 3, 2020 by Jean-François De Hertogh

We have been inspired to see people coming together and creating Mutual Aid Funds to support their local community (see Portland, Belgium). We would love to help.

For the next 3 months (till the end of June), we are removing our 5% fiscal sponsorship fee. Open Collective is also removing their 5% platform fee during this crisis. So it will be free for all those collectives to receive and disburse money (outside of Stripe and PayPal fees, maybe if they hear us, it would be great if they could reduce their fees as well).

We are short on staff and we cannot really afford doing this given our very limited budget but we really wanted to chip in and help. So if you could come and help us that would be greatly appreciated. You can join the #opencollective-eu channel on Slack and offer your help. We need people to help us with outreach (reach out to the numerous mutual aid groups that popped up on Facebook across Europe), training (help those groups setting up their collective, managing it), documentation, fund raising (help us find funding to support our activities), ... . Alternatively, any financial contribution to our collective would be greatly appreciated so that we can maintain a smooth user experience. Thank you.

Stay home, stay safe.



How to create a collective for our local Mutual Aid Fund?

Just go here:

Is it just for Mutual Aid Funds?

No, anything that aims at helping your local community during this crisis. Could be helping people at the frontline in the hospitals, developing educational activities for kids that are now out of school, etc.

How to get your fiscal sponsorship fee removed?

Just create a new conversation here with an explanation of what your collective is going to do to help your community cope with COVID19. Please add a link to your facebook group if you have one or anything that can help us quickly see that many people in your community are supporting the initiative.

Are donations tax deductible?

Donations are not tax deductible on Open Collective Europe at the moment.