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Subsidised/Free Conference and Event Tickets for Open Source Maintainers (inc. FOSS Backstage 17/18th March)
Published on March 11, 2022 by Benjamin Nickolls

Following on from our series of workshops for open source community leaders we're pleased to launch our next initiative: subsidised (and free) tickets for conferences and events focussed on non-technical learning and education for open source maintainers, starting with FOSS Backstage 17/18th March. For more information read on or go to

We (Open Source Collective) announced our intentions to work more closely with and alongside our community back in September through our community calls (the next of which is scheduled for March 17th at 5pm UTC). That intention is reflected in our strategy, which was announced in January.  Our strategy includes three focus areas, one of which is to support projects to use the financial support they do have to build capacity and develop new skills within their communities. We do this by creating and highlighting opportunities and providing some financial support to get things started.

In January we began our first experiment, offering a free series of coaching, training, and workshops designed to work through common issues facing community leaders. Today we're announcing our next initiative: subsidised and free tickets to non-technical, educational conferences and events. This is an extension of the work we're already doing, and an attempt not only to encourage projects to consider these events as an investment but to cooperatively curate a list of events that open source maintainers could significantly benefit from.

What are we actually offering

If you're a representative of an Open Source Collective hosted project: then we are offering to subsidise or cover the ticket cost of non-technical, educational conferences or events if your Collective would be otherwise unable to cover it. For more information on how to do so check out

If you're a representative of a Collective, organization, or an individual who wants to support others through this program: we are providing the opportunity to do so by contributing to our fund at

If you're an organiser, or have attended a non-technical, educational conference or event and you think we should support open source maintainers to attend we're asking you to contact us so that we can add the event to our curated list:

Kicking things off with FOSS Backstage 17/18th March

FOSS Backstage is a two-day event focused on community management and compliance in open source development taking place next week 17/18th March read more about FOSS Backstage here

The event is hosted physically in Berlin and online globally (between 1-7.30pm UTC) — the program for the event can be found here. Open Source Collective is both sponsoring the event's live and recorded content and offering to subsidise or pay for 30 tickets to attend online through this new initiative.

For more information on how to apply, please go to 
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