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Sustain Summit 2018: A one-day event for Open Source sustainers hosted in London.


Sustain events are led by a facilitator. There are no keynotes, talks, or sponsor demos. Your undivided attention is required. Phones and laptops should not be used throughout the day and you will be asked to put devices away if they are a distraction to you or anyone else.


The individual or organization who is concerned with the fragile state and future of highly-used and impactful open source projects.


Available below. We are also accepting sponsorships if you'd like to contribute (see below).


Since year 1, we realized to have the very best Sustainers in attendance we had to make as many accommodations as possible. If you are a student or need travel assistance please fill out this form. Our scholarship committee will review your application and get back to you asap.


Bring the little one(s), they will be taken care of. But please fill out this form to RSVP so we can accommodate accordingly.


Premier Inn London King's Cross has rooms from $75 to $150. You can also check Airbnb for rooms starting at $45 a night.


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Pullman London St Pancras Hotel
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57 people going

Roberto Galoppini
Sustainability believer | FileZilla, Director of Strategy
Xheni Myrtaj
Rowan Oulton
Mariana Balla
Mark Atwood
The civilization you save may be your own
Brenna Heaps
Keenan Szulik
Open source user and advocate, working in data science
James Haydon
Adam Hyde
Publishing Innovator. Surfer. Traveller. NZer.
Robert Kaye
Sustainable open source has been my passion for nearly 20 years!
Gonçalo Pestana
Computer engineer interested in decentralization and security and bootstrapping an open source research and development lab. I love the sea and climbing.
Maciej Fijalkowski
PyPy core developer.
Chukwuebuka Abazie
I'm Chukwuebuka Abazie from Nigeria, I'm a Programmer, Cinenatographer and a Blogger.
Gregory Bloom
I lead the Open Referral Initiative [] and practice cooperative development.
pia mancini
Justin Dorfman
Co-founder/organizer of Sustain Summit. DevRel @ Sticker Mule.
Elio Qoshi
free open sourcerer and designer at @uracreative, @OpenObservatory @TheTorProject @OpenLabsHackerspace @mozilla @sitepoint-editors author & co
Samson Goddy
My name is Samson Goddy, I love open technologies and advocate for open source.
Chihurumnaya Ibiam
Karen Sandler
Asif Saif Uddin
Software Craftsman, API nerd & Open Source Hacker. Python, Django, CoffeeScript, Ember, PostgreSQL & Linux DevOps. @Celery projects core maintainer.
Justin Flory
Rochester Institute of Technology student, Fedora Project contributor, former UNICEF Innovation open source community manager
Linda Peng
Talk to me about software, community, CodeBuddies, working openly, violin covers, editing videos, YouTube, Actionifying the News, and progressive politics
Betsy Waliszewski
Gabriela Rodríguez Berón
Software Developer
Lourdes Hunter
Dandelion Mané
Building SourceCred, a reputation system for open-source projects
Sharon Cordesse
Connecting the Community
Cat Allman
Stephanie Taylor
I lead Google's Student outreach programs - Google Summer of Code and Google-Code-in.
David MacIver
PhD Student, Hypothesis (Python testing library) author
Chris Lamb
Debian Project Leader • director • Reproducible Builds core dev • Freelance programmer
Michael McAndrew
Helping non profits make the most of open source. CiviCRM contributor
Richard Littauer
Open source maintainer, sailor, poet
Caroline Corbal
Open by design!
Gidi Morris
🔥? 🐦 : 🧘‍♂️
Danese Cooper
Open Source Diva. Convened the first Sustainability Summit
Lukasz Langa
I maintain Black, the auto-formatter for Python. I'm a CPython core committer.
Nick Thorne
Product Manager FlowKit
Marcos Montes
Jose Manrique Lopez de la Fuente
Chris Ward
Technical Communicator
Ben Laurie
Andrew Nesbitt
Package Management Nerd
Josh Greenberg
Program Director at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Lou Huang
I work on Streetmix and other projects via Bad Idea Factory
Sven Sauleau
Jordi Cabot
ICREA Research Professor - Internet Interdisciplinary Institute
Nadia Eghbal
Michael Downey
Director of Community, Digital Impact Alliance at United Nations Foundation
Heath Arensen
Director of Business Planning and Sustainability at the Digital Impact Alliance's Open Source Center. Supporting Open Source projects with consulting and advising in Business Models for sustainability.
Jim Jagielski
Open Source Chief
Camille Moulin
Eric Berry
CodeFund founder. Gitcoin co-founder. I love funding OSS!
Duane Obrien
Open Source and InnerSource at PayPal
Josh Simmons
Open source community strategist and recovering web developer. Comms for Google Open Source and CFO for Open Source Initiative.


Current balance: $18,000.10

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