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The Internet generation needs organizations that reflect who we are; where anybody can contribute to a shared mission; where leaders can easily change; and where money flows in full transparency. Create an Open Collective for your community.

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BarCamp Events

BarCamp is an unconference. They are events held across the United States that help connect passionate people in their communities.

10% para:

BarCamp Omaha Budget


financial contributors

2250 de gasto mensual


Building and maintaining community images

230% para:

Infrastructure Costs


financial contributors

The NixOS Foundation

Supporting the Nix ecosystem's infrastructure, and projects implementing the purely functional deployment model.

Aún sin metas presupuestarias.


financial contributors

8841 de gasto mensual

PixiJS - The HTML5 Creation Engine.

The aim of this project is to provide a fast lightweight 2D library that works across all devices. The PixiJS renderer allows everyone to enjoy the power of hardware acceleration without prior knowledge of WebGL. Also, it's fast. Really fast.

208% para:

funds for our servers and subscriptions + payouts


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#ZeroKnowledge; Realtime Collaboration; XWiki Labs; ✊❤

28% para:

2 Full-time developers and 1 intern in 2019


financial contributors

555k de gasto mensual


peer to peer cartography

Aún sin metas presupuestarias.


financial contributors

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Babel is a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript

Aún sin metas presupuestarias.


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webpack is THE build solution for modern web applications.

87% para:

1 FT Maintainer + 50% Payouts


financial contributors

227k de gasto mensual

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Fiscal hosts collect and hold funds on behalf of Collectives, enabling them to transact without setting up their own legal entity or bank account. The Open Collective platform provides powerful tools that drastically reduce the admin and overhead involved in fiscal sponsorship, so more fiscal hosts can act as umbrella organizations for projects in their industry or city.

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